Winter 2024 Class Offerings

Registration begins January 9th 2024

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Class size and rules are subject to the lastest COVID-19 guidance.

Online Registration

Registration begins January 9th and ended January 11th, 2024.

Contact the registrar for availability

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Printable Registration form

Mail-in Registration form


Since classes are filled in order of the receipt of registration, if you chose to use the mail in registration option be sure to email the registrar at or call the LADOC message line 505-920-8205 to let them know you have mailed in your form so you can get in the queue.

Note: Mailed in forms cannot be postmarked more than one day before registration begins.

This form downloads to your computer.  Always make sure you download the latest registration form as our registrar changes yearly.


You may write the registrar about space availability  if you missed the registration deadline:

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